07 Feb 2023 · 6 min read

Crypto Whales Believe These Altcoins Will Take the Crypto World by Storm – Find Out Why

Cathie Wood, the CEO of Ark Investment Management and a well-known crypto whale, has been a strong supporter of bitcoin for some time. Despite the recent drop in its value, Wood and her team at Ark remain optimistic about the future of the world's largest digital currency as they noted in a recent report on disruptive technologies where they go over the bull case for Bitcoin.

In the report, Ark analysts point out that even with Bitcoin's severe drop from $69,000 to a low of $15,797, it has still outperformed other major asset classes over relatively short time horizons. In fact, over the five years ending in 2022, bitcoin posted a compound annualized return of 8.7%, compared to 6.1% for global equities, negative 1.7% for global debt, and 7% for gold.

According to Ark, bitcoin's fundamentals are stronger now than ever before. The market capitalization of bitcoin as of November 21, 2022 was $393 billion, compared to just $58 billion about five years earlier. This growth in market cap, along with the fact that the amount of bitcoin's supply trading at a loss during 2022 peaked at 68.3%, surpassing previous bear markets, is seen as a positive sign by Ark analysts.

One of the key factors contributing to the growth of bitcoin is the increasing number of long-term investors. Ark defines long-term as 155 days and notes that at the end of 2022, long-term holders owned 71% of the total bitcoin supply outstanding. This shows that investors are becoming more focused on the long-term potential of bitcoin and less likely to sell in response to short-term fluctuations in its value.

Ark also notes that exchanges have increased their transparency in response to the collapse of trust in centralized crypto entities. This increased transparency, combined with the growing number of long-term investors, is seen as a positive sign for the future of bitcoin.

The report also noted advances in and a maturation of the NFT market, with analysts writing that in 2022 "NFT trading volume increased 15% year-over-year" and that NFTs had "shifted toward utility-based projects like on-chain domain names and digital memberships" and that this focus on real value and utility instead of speculation was a healthy development.

The fact that Bitcoin's blockchain itself has recently begun getting more popular for NFTs makes this another bull case for Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency Craze: Navigating the Bitcoin Bull Case

Despite this enthusiasm from whales like Cathie Wood and ARK, investing in the digital asset market should not be taken lightly. With the potential for high rewards, comes a corresponding level of risk, making it crucial for investors to understand the considerations that come with crypto trading.

First, investors must acknowledge and brace themselves for the unpredictable nature of the market. To minimize loss, it is advisable to only invest funds that you can afford to lose.

Furthermore, proper due diligence is critical when choosing which projects to invest in. Verify the legitimacy of each project by checking its compliance with legal regulations, and evaluate the reputation and credibility of the team behind it.

When assessing investment opportunities, evaluate the project's real-world applications and its value proposition. Opt for projects that offer tangible solutions to current problems, instead of merely riding on trends without providing any significant benefits.

For those seeking high returns, pre-sale investments in cryptocurrencies may be an appealing option. However, caution is key, and it is essential to thoroughly evaluate any projects that meet the criteria discussed above. Currently, savvy crypto whales are buying into projects like MEMAG, FGHT, and CCHG, signaling their potential for success.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) Makes Magic

Already having raised more than $3.18 million in its presale, the Meta Masters Guild's revolutionary approach to blockchain gaming is quickly gaining traction. With a community-driven metaverse platform and design tailored for real gamers, this Ethereum based system rewards players just for playing their favorite games--allowing them full ownership of all assets. This innovative concept has great potential to positive influence mobile gaming if it reaches its goals.

Meta Masers Guild, with its development partner Gamearound, is preparing to launch to debut the first MMG title--Meta Kart Racers--in Q3 2021. The high intensity racing game will be available on both iOS and Android platforms with solo arcade mode and online player vs. player competitions. Gamers will be able to spend their MEMAG on exclusive upgrades or try their luck at earning rare NFT characters.

Over the past few days, Meta Masters Guild's presale has seen remarkable growth--some 24 hour periods raking in more than $100K. To take part in this success and purchase MEMAG utilizing ETH or USDT visit the official website and use any Wallet Connect or MetaMask wallet.

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Fight Out (FGHT): The Future of Fitness

Fight Out is helping the fitness industry evolve with its advanced Web3 and M2E (move-to-earn) technology. Its novel approach was devised to counteract traditional gyms' high turnover rate, where almost 50% of new members discontinue within six months due mainly to a lack of motivation, personalization, and sense of belonging.

Fight Out is crafting an innovative, comprehensive solution for individuals to monitor their fitness progress and get rewarded while building community. This includes a custom NFT avatar that displays individual's personal stats, REPS tokens as rewards for working out at home or in the gym; plus tailored workout plans. By redeeming these tokens, users are able to secure discounts on app subscriptions and memberships of gyms; additionally they can also purchase supplements, exercise gear or apparel with them.

By the fourth quarter of 2023, Fight Out will launch its first physical gym with advanced technology and services that have been fully integrated with unique Web3 features. The spaces within the gyms will be equipped with "digital mirrors" that showcase digital fitness profiles, alongside progress tracking sensors to aid in feedback analysis.

Now is your chance to make the most of the investment opportunity, as investments over $50,000 receive bonuses of up to 50%. The FGHT project has already raised nearly $4mn in its presale period and will begin its next phase soon with higher prices.

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C+Charge (CCHG) Charging Up the Electric Vehicle Revolution

A new blockchain-based payment system and search app for electric vehicle charging stations is set to shock the crypto world. C+Charge aims to tackle the obstacles faced by electric vehicle owners, such as high fees, limited access to charging stations, and payment ambiguity.

With its smart contracts, C+Charge enables direct payment from crypto wallets and fast access to charging stations, all without added fees or wait times. The app's searchable database of charging stations, powered by secure blockchain technology, provides real-time information and offers a low-cost solution to traditional methods.

In addition to its core features, C+Charge has partnered with Flowcarbon to provide Goodness Nature Tokens ($GNT) as tokenized carbon credits. This allows electric vehicle owners to reduce their carbon footprint and make a smoother transition to EVs. Building managers will also have the ability to monitor each EV's energy usage, making it more appealing for landlords and companies to install charging stations.

The presale for C+Charge's CCHG tokens is now underway, with a starting price of $0.013 USDT. Three more stages are planned, with the token price increasing to a maximum of $0.02350.

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If you're looking to invest in the cryptocurrency industry, now might a great time to take advantage of the bull case for Bitcoin and make the most of the above altcoin investment opportunities. With the rise of Bitcoin, NFTs, and other Web3 technologies, blockchain projects are innovating a new generation of fitness, games, and EV solutions--making it easier than ever to get involved in the future of finance and decentralized communities.