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13 Best Crypto Presale Projects for 2023

Disclaimer: The Industry Talk section features insights by crypto industry players and is not a part of the editorial content of Cryptonews.com.

While crypto presales allow investors to purchase cryptocurrencies at a hugely discounted price, it can be tricky to find a project that is worth investing in. 

In this guide, we will explore the best crypto presales to invest in 2023, reviewing the top upcoming crypto projects and explaining how investors can choose the best new digital assets for their portfolio. 

The Best Crypto Presales to Invest in Today

In our search for the best crypto presale to invest in 2023, we found the following to be the most attractive:

  1. Meta Masters Guild - Best Overall Presale and First Dedicated Web3 Gaming Platform
  2. FightOut - M2E Fitness Project with $2 Million Raised in Less Than a Week
  3. Metropoly – NFT Marketplace That Decentralizes the Global Real Estate Market
  4. C+Charge - Newly Launched Eco-Friendly Presale Rewarding EV Drivers
  5. RobotEra - P2E and Metaverse Presale with Multiple Reward Streams
  6. Calvaria - Play to Earn Game Heading for Imminent IEO
  7. EstateX - Crypto Project for Property Investment
  8. WeSendit - Decentralized File Transfer Service
  9. ASTL - Blockchain-Based Infrastructure Project
  10. Bet2ken - Peer-to-Peer Sports Betting Network
  11. Minero - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency Mining Simulator Game
  12. Avoteo - Crowdfunding Platform Connecting Investors to Projects
  13. Entice - Complete Crypto Ecosystem

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Read our full reviews of these projects below in order to arrive at an informed decision. 

Top Presale Cryptos to Buy in 2023 - Full Reviews

Crypto presales offer investors an opportunity to get in on a promising new project before it is launched to the general public. 

That said, before risking money on a new cryptocurrency, investors should take extra care to educate themselves about the project and its scope. Also, did you know that crypto presales are a better alternative to both crypto ETFs the best crypto index funds

Below, we have included reviews of the best cryptocurrency presales to check out right now. Most of these digital assets are also included in our list of the best cryptos to buy on the dip.

1. Meta Masters Guild - Best Overall Presale and First Dedicated Web3 Gaming Platform

Meta Masters Guild is our top pick for the best crypto presale as the project is developing the world’s first dedicated Web3 gaming platform, raised more than $50,000 in its first 24 hours and is already into stage 5.

The presale launched less than a month ago but is already proving to be one of the best cryptos to buy in 2023, with early investors purchasing a token that will already have seen major gains by the time it reaches exchanges.

More than $3 million has now been raised with MEMAG currently priced at $0.019 - however, by the seventh and final stage they will sell for $0.023 - meaning those who invest now will see the price increase by 21% before the initial exchange offering (IEO).

Investors will also be purchasing a token with solid tokenomics and a strict supply of just 1 billion MEMAG, with 35% allocated for the presale and another 15% for exchange listings and liquidity.

The presale has a hard cap of $4.97 million and there is no vesting period on presale tokens. The Meta Masters Guild developers have been doxxed and are KYC-verified by CoinSniper, while the MEMAG token smart contract has been audited by SolidProof.

The other 50%, which is vested for between 36 and 48 months, is for the development of the ecosystem (15%), the reserve (10%), the platform’s marketplace (15%) and the team (10%).

MEMAG will be more valuable than other play-to-earn cryptos because it is not actually used for in-game rewards - and therefore will not be subject to consistent selling pressure by players who only play games for profit.

Meta Masters Guild is seeking to build a collection of mobile-only games that focus on fun and replayability and its whitepaper states that will remain the priority ahead of tokenization or earning mechanics, describing itself as play-and-earn not play-to-earn.

To that end, Meta Masters Guild will have a separate token (Gems) that exists off-chain and only on the platform that is used for rewards - they can then be exchanged for MEMAG.

The project is not focusing on developing AAA-rated games that are expensive and time-consuming to produce, but fun and addictive mobile games, linked by MEMAG, and will also invite other developers to build on their platform. Meta Masters Guild also has the potential to become one of the best AI crypto projects in 2023.

For the latest news on Meta Masters Guild, join the Telegram group.

Presale StagePriceAmount of TokensRaise Value
Stage 1$0.00770,000,000$490,000
Stage 2$0.01063,000,000$630,000
Stage 3$0.01356,000,000$728,000
Stage 4$0.01649,000,000$784,000
Stage 5$0.01942,000,000$798,000
Stage 6$0.02135,000,000$735,000
Stage 7$0.02335,000,000$805,000


2. FightOut - M2E Fitness Project with $2 Million Raised in Less Than a Week

FightOut is our next choice as the best crypto presale and investors appear to agree, with the project raising more than $2 million in less than a week after launch.

Investors and analysts are so bullish on the new project because of its highly ambitious plans, which will not only push move-to-earn (M2E) technology further than it has been before but because FightOut plans to open Web3-integrated gyms in key locations around the world.

Having now raised $4 million, those who invest early can also take advantage of other major benefits - including up to 50% in bonus tokens.

They are gained depending on how many FGHT are purchased and how long the investor decides to lock their tokens. Now in the second stage of the presale, the cost of tokens will increase every 12 hours to a max of $0.0333 on March 31, 2023.

While the majority of previous M2E projects focus on steps, FightOut’s algorithm will use a range of key data points - including tracking movement and effort, as well as sleep and nutrition - to build up a profile of a user’s fitness and then provide tailored workout programs.

The native FGHT token will be used to access the app and underpin the protocol, while another token - REPS - will be the in-app currency of the project.

Users will earn REPS for completing workouts and taking part in daily, weekly and monthly competitions, redeeming them for a range of rewards including discounts on membership, personal training sessions, apparel, training equipment and supplements.

FightOut, which is our best crypto to buy for 2023, provides huge potential for growth for early investors in an underdeveloped asset class. While previous M2E projects such as STEPN and Sweat Economy saw huge investment at launch, token holders moved away as the user base dwindled because of the huge initial outlay needed to get started and flawed rewards systems.

FightOut aims to avoid those pitfalls with a robust rewards system that gives users excellent prizes and an app that does not need huge user investment to get started.

The app will include high-quality instruction videos, live classes and access to professional coaches, while users will also get a soulbound - meaning it cannot be traded - NFT avatar that acts as their digital fitness profile. Fully customizable, the avatar can be used to pit the user against others for prizes.

FightOut is already scouting real-world locations for their gyms, which will blend Web3 elements such as ‘mirrors’ where fitness fanatics can see their digital forms.

The project is also in talks with a variety of world-class boxing and MMA stars and pro wrestlers to act as ambassadors - not only repping the project but offering masterclass-style content for users and behind-the-scenes access to training camps.

Savannah Marshall, who fought Claressa Shields in the most-watched women's boxing match ever, UFC pair Taila Santos and Amanda Ribas - who are both ranked top 10 in their weight class - and American Ninja Warrior Tremayne Dortch have already signed on.

Like the best crypto presales, FightOut has robust tokenomics with a 10 billion max supply of FGHT, with just 9% of that allocated to the presale. Another 4.5% will be allocated for the bonus pool and 10% for liquidity on exchanges.

The remaining tokens will fund the development of the project and ensure its long-term growth and will be vested and unlocked over five years.

FightOut has been developed by a doxxed team with a CEO that co-owns a boxing gym and a senior group with a background in fitness apps - they have already revealed how funds will be spent, with 70% to venue acquisition and refurbishment, 18% to marketing and partnerships and 12% to product development.

For full information on FightOut read the project whitepaper or join the Telegram group.

Presale StartedDecember 12
Purchase Methods ETH, USDT, Transak
Min Investment$1
Max InvestmentN/A


3. Metropoly – NFT Marketplace That Decentralizes the Global Real Estate Market 

Real estate is one of the best investments. It is safe, reliable, and extremely lucrative as everyone needs a roof over their heads. But is it accessible? Not really. If you don’t have assets worth millions of dollars, owning an income-generating property may not be in your wildest dreams. 

But Metropoly believes that real estate investments shouldn’t be confined to the rich. It decentralizes the market to bring excellent real estate investment opportunities to all.

This is made possible by handpicking lucrative properties from around the globe, tokenizing them into NFTs, and then dividing them into fractional NFTs. They are then sold via a first-of-its-kind marketplace – the beta version of which is now live – for as low as $100 per piece. The NFTs will accrue passive income in rent and long-term value similar to REAL real estate. 

  • The blockchain application cuts down the time, effort, and cost that go into real estate investment. 
  • It helps you do away with the headaches of documentation, maintenance, and occupation, to name just a few. 
  • If it takes two months to invest in a real estate property in the traditional market, you can trade Metropoly NFTs anytime you want in two minutes or less. 
  • Leading projects like ChainAdoption and Tenset have collaborated with Metropoly. Tenset  is known for backing high-value projects like Metahero and Everdome Coin, which went on to make more than 20X returns for early investors on launch.

METRO is the native token of Metropoly that will power its payment and reward systems. Due to the evergreen nature of the real estate market and the cutting-edge solution put forward by the project, investors are driving the METRO presale to an early sell-out. The attractive early-stage discounts add to the appeal of the presale. (Use the bonus code Launch20 to get an additional 20% on your purchases.)




Ethereum (ERC-20)


1 Billion

Currencies supported 


Minimum investment 


Token launch 

After the presale is sold out or on April 1st, 2023

If you have participated in the Metropoly presale, you can stand a chance to win a Burj Khalifa Apartment worth $1,000,000 by completing the tasks listed under the contest. You should have $100 in METRO in your wallet at the time of the draw. The Burj Khalifa apartment earns up to $100,000 yearly in rental income for life.

4. C+Charge - Newly Launched Eco-Friendly Presale Rewarding EV Drivers

C+Charge is a newly launched presale, offering an eco-friendly crypto that enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to use it as a payment method for charging their cars.

Drivers are also rewarded for recharging their EVs, earning carbon credits while they wait.

Now in the first stage of the presale, CCHG tokens are valued at $0.013 but will increase in price through four stages.

The second stage increases the coin's value to $0.016 and then the third stage will enable purchases of $CCHG at $0.02 - once the coin enters the final stage, early buyers will be up by 80% as the coin will be priced at $0.0235.

C+Charge has placed a hard cap of $6.6 million and allocated 40% of the total tokens to the presale, with no vesting period on presale tokens.

One crypto whale has certainly seen the huge potential of the project, spending more than $100,000 on one transaction to secure CCHG during stage 1.

PhasePrice% of presale tokensNumber of Tokens$ Value
TOTAL80% increase100%400,000,000$6.6 million

CCHG tokens are stored in a crypto wallet, featured in C+Charge's mobile app. After drivers pay for their charge with CCHG tokens, they receive carbon credit rewards. Both assets are tracked by the app.

Carbon credits are permits that allow the holder to emit carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as they offset their carbon footprint by founding eco-friendly projects. One carbon credit is equal to one ton of CO2.

By democratizing carbon credits, C+Charge is encouraging fossil fuel drivers to make the switch to EVs because they're incentivized - this ecosystem's mission is to grow the adoption of EV vehicles on a broad scale.

Users can also use the app to locate charging stations close by, while it will provide data such as the price each station charges for its service and the waiting times. This information was previously unavailable and made EV driving inconvenient and inefficient.

The C+Charge team is doxxed and KYC verified and has already partnered with Flowcarbon to provide carbon credits and Perfect Solutions Turkey. The former saw $70 million of investment in May 2022 from huge VC firms such as a16z and Samsung Next, while the latter already owns and operates 20% of charging stations in Turkey.

This ecosystem has a circulating supply of 1 billion tokens and C+Charge has allocated only 8% of that to exchange liquidity. The biggest portion of the split is attributable to the presale, which offers $CCHG tokens at price unlikely to be seen again.

The C+Charge whitepaper and Telegram group contain more information about CCHG and the project.

Presale StartedDecember 16
Purchase MethodsBNB, USDT, Transak
Min PurchaseN/A
Max PurchaseN/A

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5. RobotEra - P2E and Metaverse Presale with Multiple Reward Streams

RobotEra is a newly launched crypto presale project that combines play-to-earn gaming, NFT ownership and building and monetizing metaverse land plots.

Launched in November 2022, the project is still in stage 1 of its presale and offering its native token, $TARO, at low prices and has now raised more than $820,000.

Investors can buy TARO tokens during the first stage of the presale for just $0.02, before it increases to $0.025 in the second stage.

By the third and final stage, TARO will have appreciated by 60% - valued at $0.032.

Limited tokens are available during the presale and of the total 1.8 billion token supply, RobotEra has allocated only 90 million tokens to each stage of the presale.

That's only 270 million tokens (15% of the supply) available now before the tokens are listed on exchanges.

Stage 190 million tokens$0.02$1,800,000
Stage 290 million tokens$0.025$2,250,000
Stage 390million tokens$0.032$2,880,000

The presale will have a hard cap of $6.93 million and there will be no vesting period on presale tokens.

The rest of the TARO supply is split between several categories, with the largest slices going to the decentralized autonomous authority (DAO) for voting purposes (33%) and a further 25% for the game's rewards and play-to-earn pool.

The team is receiving 10%, while the remaining supply is divided between the ECO fund (9%), liquidity (3%), advisors (3%), and an early institutional investor (2%), LBank.

RobotEra features a fully doxxed and CoinSniper KYC-verified team, while the token's smart contract has been audited by SharkTeam.

Players use TARO tokens to buy and customize robot NFT avatars and reconstruct the destroyed Taro planet by purchasing and building on metaverse plots of land - this LBank Labs-backed project enables players to earn tokens in several ways. 

RobotEra players can build whatever they like on the metaverse land, including infrastructure and buildings, and have the ability to host other players, concerts and events - and can monetize events or advertising billboards.

RobotEra, which we've dubbed the best metaverse game, also rewards players for mining minerals on their land and building robot companions, with rewards also granted also for making and selling NFTs.

Players will not need coding knowledge to build in the game, with RobotEra using custom tools that allow for 3D scenes, payments, physics, user interaction, sound and more.

Another way players earn is by locking away their coins and receiving rewards for staking. 

TARO coins are also rewarded to players who operate independent continents, according to the RobotEra whitepaper.

Investors can get more information about this presale by joining the RobotEra Telegram channel.

The crypto market has shown that P2E tokens maintain more of their value than other cryptos because of their intrinsic reward element. 

Since RobotEra is making only 15% of the total token supply available for the presale, investors should get in on this appreciating asset before it increases in value by 60%.

Presale StartedNovember 2022
Purchase MethodsETH, USDT
Min Investment1,000 TARO
Max InvestmentN/A


6. Calvaria - Play to Earn Game Heading for Imminent IEO

Calvaria is an upcoming NFT battle card game predicted to outperform top crypto games like Gods Unchained and Alien Worlds in 2023.

The fast-moving RIA presale has now sold out, raising more than $3 million, with the IEO to take place on BKEX on Februay 7, 2023, at 6am UTC.

BKEX, has more than $1 billion of daily trading volume, and subsequent listings on LBank, Uniswap and Changelly Pro have also been confirmed.

The game enables players to earn rewards and govern the ecosystem through the native token RIA.

RIA tokens are used for governance and staking. Calvaria enables RIA holders to ensure that the ecosystem functions properly and vote on critical matters regarding the platform to decide its future. RIA tokens are also used for staking. Investors lock them up and receive daily rewards. 

Calvaria’s focus on gameplay and accessibility sets it apart in the booming blockchain gaming market. The key highlight of the game is its vibrant theme, centered around the afterlife. It opens rich creative possibilities, as the afterlife has rarely been explored in gaming. 

Duels of Eternity, the most-awaited NFT card game from the project, will host tournaments where players battle their rivals using customized strategies in exchange for rewards and upgrades. 

They will need a deck of cards to play the game, each card representing striking characters with unique sets of abilities. (Learn more about the gripping gaming mechanics in the whitepaper.) 

Stunning character designs in the game

Moreover, Calvaria launches both free-to-play and play-to-earn versions of the game. While the free-to-play version has lower technical and financial barriers, the play-to-earn version empowers users to monetize their gaming skills. 

With this unique approach, Calvaria gives gamers the power to choose. 

The goal is to turn traditional gamers into crypto gamers over time by educating them about the benefits of choosing P2E. It goes a long way in nurturing a loyal user base, which is something most crypto games lack now. 

The ecosystem also features a DAO and scholarships to stimulate engagement and participation. 

Join the Calvaria giveaway on Gleam to stand a chance to win up to $100k and follow Calvaria on Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates about the presale. 

7. EstateX - Crypto Project for Property Investment 

EstateX is a crypto project launched with the intention of revolutionizing property investment and ownership. The platform plans to invest in real estate and launch security tokens that represent ownership of these properties. 

Investors can thus benefit from hassle-free real-estate ownership and receive a daily passive income. The project has already commenced the presale of its native token, $ESX. However, this is not a public sale. 

Instead, investors will need to become whitelisted to be eligible for the token presale. The main advantage here is that $ESX tokens are offered at a 50% discount during the presale. 

This means that early investors will stand the best chance possible of targeting gains should the value of $ESX increase in the future. 

$ESX will also act as a governance token within the EstateX ecosystem. Presale token holders will also be able to access exclusive NFTs and other generous rewards. 

In the future, the platform will also add staking services. That being said, bear in mind that EstateX will apply for an EEA license only after the presale completes. 

Therefore, ultimately, investors will be taking a risk by putting their money into this coin - as with any other crypto presale. 

8. WeSendit - Decentralized File Transfer Service

WeSendit is somewhat different from other crypto projects launching these days. This is not a new venture; instead, WeSendit is a well-established company with more than 10 years worth of experience in doing business. 

According to the platform, WeSendit already caters to over 3.5 million users from across 150 countries. Launched in 2013, this Swiss company provides a reliable file-sharing service. 

Now, WeSendit is taking the next step to becoming a decentralized service and launching a web 3.0 version of its platform. 

This will help the company to use blockchain technology to protect the privacy of data transfers, transactions, and other activities. 

To enable this, the platform has set up a crowdfunding process in which it sells its native token, WESENDIT. The new website will offer users two ways to access WeSendit services. 

They can either sign in by providing personal information and pay via PayPal to make a transfer. Alternatively, they can make an anonymous transfer by connecting their crypto wallet and paying using WESENDIT tokens - while benefiting from a 60% discount. 

On top of this, holders of WESENDIT tokens will also be offered additional rewards. The presale of WESENDIT tokens will start on September 1, 2022. 

9. ASTL - Blockchain-Based Infrastructure Project 

Like WeSendit, the ASTL token project is also being launched by an existing company. Astol Advanced Limited is a Hong-Kong based infrastructure company that invests in the mining of various cryptocurrencies. 

This project aims to provide investors with an opportunity to receive a constant fixed income by supporting the mining of new types of digital tokens. The company has a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies, which helps to offset losses from fluctuations in the crypto market. 

Each ASTL token is backed by a portion of the computing power of the project's mining fleet. In a nutshell, investors will be able to profit from mining without having to buy or rent equipment for mining. 

There is also no need to have any technical knowledge to profit from crypto mining in such a way. Moreover, the remuneration is offered in USDT from the general pool. That being said, ASTL tokens are sold in a slightly different way compared to most other crypto presales. 

ASTL tokens are available in three packages during the presale - light, classic, and rich. The prices of these vary from $100 to $5,000. The higher the investment amount, the better the ROI. 

10. Bet2ken - Peer-to-Peer Sports Betting Network

Bet2ken is a premier online sports betting platform for all major professional and college sports. As imaginable, the platform supports betting via cryptocurrencies. Not only does Bet2ken offer sports betting but also play-to-earn games and a prediction marketplace. 

It also sports P2P exchange rate betting, presenting players with plenty of ways to win money. Since the platform deploys smart contracts, players can be sure of fair and transparent outcomes. The Bet2ken is the native token of the ecosystem. 

Investors of this token can not only gain access to community rewards but will also receive governance rights on the platform. 

Bet2ken will also distribute 25% of all profits to its investors who placed losing wagers. At the end of each month, profits will be redistributed to the accounts of players with a negative betting balance. 

In addition to this, Bet2ken also supports the staking of its tokens. This regular presale crypto can be purchased directly via the website of the project. The launch of the token will coincide with the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

11. Minero - Play to Earn Cryptocurrency Mining Simulator Game

There is no shortage of play to earn games these days. For the same reason, emerging GameFi projects have to come up with innovative ways to attract players to their platform. And Minero plans to do just that. 

This strategy play-to-earn game offers the RIO token as rewards. To get ahead in the game, players will need to purchase Miner NFTs, rent warehouses, pay for power supply and other utilities. As imaginable, the aim is to generate the highest hash rate possible. 

And as such, players will have to implement the right strategies to utilize their available resources to the best of their ability. 

Although Minero functions as a game, players will actually be able to mine RIO tokens in this manner. These tokens can also be reinvested to purchase in-game assets to boost the player experience. 

Investors of RIO tokens can also receive additional rewards by staking. It is not yet possible to purchase RIO tokens via exchanges. The token is still in the presale stage and can be bought directly via the Minero website. 

12. Avoteo - Crowdfunding Platform Connecting Investors to Projects

Avoteo functions as a bridge between new cryptocurrency projects and investors. However, here, holders of the AVO token have the power to vote for projects that will be featured on the platform. 

Investors can review and assess the projects and cast their votes. Holders of AVO tokens will also be able to take part in the governance of the company's strategy. 

In addition to this, they will also be able to receive a share of any profits made by the funded projects on Avoteo. 

Out of 1 billion AVO tokens, 500 million coins will be sold during three stages of its ICO. At the time of writing, the project is in the third phase of the presale. 

The unsold tokens from the two previous stages were transferred to the next, and after phase three, anything left will be burnt. 

13. Entice - Complete Crypto Ecosystem 

Entice is yet another project that is going through its crypto presale stage at the time of writing. This project seeks to build a complete crypto ecosystem - which includes an exchange, NFT marketplace, and play-to-earn games. 

In the future, the development team even hopes to create a crypto bank accessible to the entire world. 

Moreover, the Entice ecosystem will feature not just one play-to-earn game but rather a collection of them. 

In other words, users will be able to engage with the platform in many ways, which can make their experience more immersive. The Entice token is at the heart of this project. 

Investors might also consider Entice NFTs to unlock exclusive rewards on the platform. This includes 5% of all profits generated by the platform as well as access to the Entice Elite Club. 

What is a Crypto Presale?

Crypto presales offer a way for investors to buy digital assets before an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). For the development team, the main purpose of a crypto presale is to raise capital. 

However, it also doubles up as a way to perform a market test prior to the ICO. For an investor, however, crypto presales come with huge upside potential. 

To explain - 

During a presale, crypto tokens are likely to be sold at a highly discounted price - often via the platform's website. 

Once the token is listed on an exchange, its price might go up. The investor can choose to sell the coin immediately for a profit, or they can continue holding the token and hope that the price continues to climb higher. 

Ultimately, the strategy will depend on the project and the risk appetite of the investor. In addition to this, some projects reward early investors with premium memberships, additional tokens, and access to exclusive features.  

Crypto presales can be private or public event, depending on the project. Some upcoming platforms require interested investors to register in advance to gain access to a crypto presale. 

On the other hand, there are also crypto presales that are accessible to the general public.

How to Find the Best Crypto Presales to Invest in 2023

Cryptocurrencies no longer struggle in the backwaters of finance. Some of the best crypto winter tokens have shown resilience amidst the current market volatility.

But with the majority of investors sharing a bearish sentiment many people are looking for the best cryptos to buy during the bear market.

Today, digital assets have become part of the mainstream markets, and as such, there are many new digital tokens being launched every month, with some being listed on the best P2P crypto exchanges.  

From an investment perspective, this means more opportunities. However, at the same time, it is crucial to know how to evaluate new crypto projects to determine whether the token is worth buying or not. 

With this in mind, here are some factors that can help investors identify the best crypto presales in 2023. 

Know Where to Look

The first thing to consider is where to look in order to find the upcoming cryptocurrency presales. 

While guides like ours can help, investors should also expand their research to other platforms to learn more about new digital tokens. 

This includes:

  • Crypto aggregators such as Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko
  • Social media websites like Twitter and Facebook
  • Online forums such as Reddit and Quora 

Since crypto presales happen before ICO and IDO listings, investors might not be able to find them via exchanges. 

Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to monitor crypto-related platforms in order to see what new digital tokens are coming online. 

Research the Project

The absence of quantifiable data makes it challenging to determine if a new crypto project is worth investing in or not. After all, there are plenty of crypto scams out there. 

This is why research plays a crucial role in every investment decision. After creating a shortlist of the best crypto presales to invest in, it would be wise to do an analysis of what the project is about. 

Start by reading the whitepaper of the project, which reveals information such as the platform's objectives, strategies, and plans for the future. 

On top of this, it would also be wise to take a look at the roadmap and see when the project aims to execute the different milestones. 

If a certain crypto project does not have a whitepaper or a roadmap, this is a red flag that investors should not want to overlook. 

That being said, not every project with a whitepaper represents a good choice. Instead, investors should consider what the unique value proposition of the project is and why it would make a compelling opportunity. 

Look Into the Development Team 

The team behind a crypto project is one of the important aspects that will determine its longevity. 

In a nutshell, the best projects have experienced team members who are knowledgeable about the respective industry. 

For instance, for play-to-earn projects, it would make sense that the team members are familiar with blockchain technology as well as GameFi concepts. 

Review the Tokenomics 

When searching for the best crypto presales, the tokenomics of the project should also be paid attention to. 

This informs investors about the total supply of the token and offers insight on whether or not the coin can become more valuable in the future. 

While many crypto presales start with a hard cap of billions of tokens, the majority of projects burn coins after the project launches. 

This 'deflationary' system can reduce the supply, thus driving up the token's value - in theory at least. 

Ultimately, investors should try to learn everything they can about a new crypto project before risking any money. 

Focus on Social Media

Today, social media platforms and online forums have the power to make or break a cryptocurrency. 

The case of Dogecoin is a perfect example of this. The price of this token was boosted by Elon Musk's tweets alongside discussions on subreddits. 

Given this, social media can easily be considered a valuable source that can help investors spot the next cryptocurrency to explore. 

However, investors should not blindly follow such forums. Therefore, it is essential to do background research in order to understand the viability of the project. 

Use Dash 2 Trade's Dash Score

As outlined above, Dash 2 Trade will offer its users a bespoke new scoring and ranking system - the Dash Score - to track new crypto presale projects.

A score will be given out of 100 on a variety of criteria, including utility, tokenomics, token audit, the credentials of the developing team and the project's roadmap.

The tool will allow Dash 2 Trade users to invest in new crypto presale projects with confidence.

Dash 2 Trade will also allow its users to find new coins that have already launched by offering alerts on new token listings and IEOs.

The Dash Score is currently undergoing beta testing and has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the testing community, while the D2T token - which grants access to the protocol - is now available to buy on multiple exchanges.

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Is it a Good Idea to Invest in Crypto Presales?

As with any other investment, crypto presales come with benefits as well as risks. 

Below, we have outlined a few reasons why investors might want to consider investing in the best crypto presales of this year. 

High Price Potential

Since presales are conducted ahead of the ICO, tokens will be sold at a discounted price. 

This places early investors at an instant advantage - as they will be able to purchase coins at a lower price and potentially sell them for a profit once the token is listed on an exchange. 

And in case the project grows, the token's value might appreciate more. On top of this, due to the low price on offer - the investor will also have the option of purchasing a larger stock of coins at launch. 

Earn Passive Income

It is also becoming common for crypto projects to reward early investors with passive income. 

This can come in many forms. For instance, it has become common for crypto projects to offer status rewards to investors - which distributes tax collected via transactions. 

For instance, holders of Avoteo tokens will be offered 3% of every transaction on the platform. Similarly, many crypto projects also have a built-in staking feature that allows investors to earn additional income by simply locking in their tokens. 

So, when trying to identify the best crypto presale to invest in, it might be worth it to check out the additional perks offered by the project and the scope to generate passive income. 

Get Early Investor Advantage 

Another advantage is that investors can get in on the ground level of a unique idea before it becomes mainstream. 

For instance, when Dogecoin was launched, the concept of meme coins was still nascent. However, early investors were rewarded with significant gains several years down the line.

Investing in a crypto project during its presale stage allows investors to become a part of the core community. 

It gives them the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals and foster a strong community. 

Risks of Crypto Presales

While searching for the best crypto presale to invest in, it is imperative to consider the risks involved. If the chosen project fails, investors might find themselves owning worthless tokens. 

In addition to this, depending on wider market conditions, the value of the coins might decline rapidly after the ICO. 

This means that investors might not be able to make any profit from their investment. 

This is a risk that investors must consider when they are looking to reap the benefits of a crypto presale. 

How to Invest in Crypto Presales - MEMAG

As we mentioned earlier in the guide, it is no easy feat to identify the best cryptocurrency sales. Although extensive lists of new coins are available on various websites, it takes time and research to weed out the very best.

However, occasionally, some projects emerge to create a buzz in the market. Projects usually run presales on native websites before going listing on bigger exchanges, where they attract more awareness and liquidity.

Meta Masters Guild is a new crypto presale that has only just launched and will underpin the world's first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming platform.

For investors wondering how to buy MEMAG tokens, the process is simple: 

  • Create MetaMask Wallet - To take part in the presale a non-custodial wallet is required. Both MetaMask and Trust Wallet are trustworthy providers. 
  • Buy ETH or USDT - MEMAG tokens can be purchased using either ETH or USDT. These assets can be acquired from a broker like eToro or can be purchased directly on the Meta Masters Guild website powered, by Transak. It's important to keep gas fees in mind during this process and some ETH will be needed.  
  • Connect Wallet  - Head to the Meta Masters Guild website and link the wallet using the 'Connect' button.
  • Buy MEMAG Tokens - Next, select the relevant 'Buy With' option and decide how many tokens to purchase (no minimum investment required) and confirm the transaction. A separate window will appear to confirm the ETH gas fee.
  • Claim MEMAG Tokens - As soon as the presale is concluded, the purchased MEMAG tokens will be claimable from the Meta Masters Guild website. They will be stored on the site until then.



Presales provide investors with the opportunity to get in on the ground level of a promising new crypto project. They will also be able to benefit from discounted token prices, as well as additional incentives via staking and community rewards. 

Having said that, it can be challenging to find the best crypto presale to invest in, especially when there are dozens of new projects being launched every month. 

Meta Masters Guild is our top choice as it is building the world's first dedicated Web3 mobile gaming platform that has already raised more than $3 million in less than a month.

M2E project FightOut is another top choice - the M2E project is set to revolutionize the fitness world through its app and plans to build real-world gyms and has already secured $4 million in funding.


What is a crypto presale? 

Crypto presales are a perfect way for investors to buy digital tokens at a discounted price. New cryptocurrencies might be offered to investors in a presale before they are launched via an ICO or listed on an exchange. New presale tokens may be announced on social media, blockchain news platforms, or crypto-related market aggregators. 

How do I get presale crypto?

In most cases, the presale crypto can be purchased directly via the project's website. This will involve connecting a digital wallet to the website and making a crypto transfer. Some platforms also allow investors to purchase presale crypto using credit/debit cards.

Are crypto presales ICOs?

No, a crypto presale is conducted before an ICO. However, the two terms are often used interchangeably, not least because they offer early access to a new crypto project. 

What is the best crypto presale to invest in right now? 

We found that the best crypto presale to invest in 2023 is Web3 mobile gaming platform Meta Masters Guild, which has only just launched. M2E project FightOut, which secured $2 million in investment in less than a week, is another top choice.

Is the LunaOne crypto presale over?

The LunaOne is a web 3.0 project that allows users to connect, play, live, shop, work, study, and attend special events. The project's crypto presale sold out in July 2022. The XLN token will soon be available to purchase via an ICO. 

How successful was the Crypto Vault presale?

Crypto Vault had a successful launch and was one of the best crypto presale in 2022. However, post the ICO, the value of the token has experienced extreme volatility in the market.